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Low-Power USB 2.0 HUB Controller

GL850G USB 2.0 Low-Power HUB Controller

GL850G is Genesys Logic’s advanced version Hub solutions which fully comply with Universal Serial Bus
Specification Revision 2.0. GL850 inherits Genesys Logic’s cutting edge technology on cost and power
efficient serial interface design. GL850G has proven compatibility, lower power consumption figure and
better cost structure above all USB2.0 hub solutions worldwide.
GL850G provide multiple advantages to simplify board level design that help achieve lowest BOM (bill of
material) for system integrator. GL850G integrated both 5V to 3.3V and 3.3V to 1.8V voltage drop regulator
into single chip, therefore no external LDO required. Also, GL850G’s power enable pin supports both
high-enable and low-enable power switch that provides better flexibility on component selection.