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Linux Thinclient – inserting license file (IGEL)

Please start the system in the verbose mode by pressing [ESC] during the
boot up sequence. Insert the USB stick and wait until you will be prompted
to press [CTRL-ALT-F11 or CTRL-ALT-F12]. Please press [CTRL-ALT-F11].
Now you have to insert the following commands:

To access the contents of an USB stick, you have to mount these to a local
directory. First you have to create a directory in the temporary folder and
mount the USB stick to this directory.

mkdir /tmp/disklic
mount –a
mount /dev/sdb1 /tmp/disklic

In the most cases sdb1 is the device identifier of the USB stick/device.

By default the access rights of the license folder is set to read only and
you have to remount the license folder with read/write permission.

mount –o remount,rw /license

Next you have to remove the old license file and request file, if any.

rm /license/fetch*
rm /license/dsa/licenses/*.lic

Now you can copy the new license file to the license folder.